What is CNDC?

For those who do not know me personally, my name is Candace. And before you are completely confused by the title of this blog, "itscndc," it's a nod to my past username phase from high school while also incorporating my future brand. CNDC (pronounced not as my name but as C-N-D-C) as it stands right now is a recycle denim accessory line. The thing that is most important to me in pursuing a career in this industry is to continue to be conscious. Being conscious not only includes being environmentally sustainable, but also making sure the rights of humans are upheld (even though it's just me at this point, haha). For me though, human rights does not solely mean not supporting the sweatshop supply chain, but also being conscious of marketing and branding so as to be as inclusive as possible.

CNDC is a brand that is supportive of women first. I hope to feature queer women, women of color, and plus-size women as much as possible because they are often forgotten. As a black woman with a black-owned business, I will never sacrifice ethics for PR. These ethics are the foundation of CNDC, these features of the brand will remain stagnant. That being said, the brand itself will grow and change as I do. The product I sell now will not be the same product I sell in the future in my pursuit to stay current. CNDC is a journey. "ITSCNDC" is my documentation of that journey.

For me, this is a constant reminder to move and create. I hope to not only inspire myself, but to inspire others. That's what "CNDC" is.

Not to mention, you can shop the chokers above here!

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  1. Excellent trend- I love off shoulder tops and an off-shoulder top + a choker is perfection!