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collection of instagram photos that inspire me

1. Sideboob
It probably isn't necessary that I speak much on it because I think everyone can appreciate a great low cut armhole. That being said, the past couple of years, with the whole "crop top" craze, the sideboob has become widely underappreciated as a way to "sex up" any outfit. However, as we are feeling out this moment in body suits, sideboob is coming back with a vengeance and I'm a fan of the daring/carefree look. Also, it gives me a reason to not where a bra. #freethenipple #freethesideboob

2, Plants
Over the course of the summer, my little brother and I have been growing a pepper plant in our back yard I've become attached to it as if it were my child. This made me realize that I'm kind of a green thumb (let's ignore the fact that I killed my cactus in college). As I'm planning my big move to a new place with a new job, I'm thinking greenery will be a central focus. I just want to grow a garden. Cover me in ivy.

3. Vintage Furniture
The first step in basic girls anonymous is to admit that I fell victim to the minimalist craze -- and I don't mean the actual lifestyle where you eliminate excess -- I mean wearing only black and white and having a sterile designed apartment. I've admitted my mistake and I'm working to move on. Please accept my apology. As a turn of events, I'm kind of embracing the 70s trend (as far as colors are concerned) and I just want a bunch of eclectic pieces in my home that have meaning and like histories and shit. IKEA is cute and all but why not buy a pink velour chaise to drink wine on in a silk robe? Embrace the gaudy and kitsch.

4. Statement Accessories
The only jewelry I wear at this point are two pairs of silver hoop earrings of different sizes and various chokers (including the denim choker that I sell here). I'm making a change though, as I've been massively inspired by the dangling earring trend and like monochrome colored structured bags. As an adult woman, I feel like I need to invest in statement pieces, not that I was ever interested in the cheap costume jewelry found fast fashion chains.

5. Monochrome Shoes
My shoe game at this point is WEAK. I literally have not bought new everyday shoes in probably almost a year and that's sad; I tear up a bit every time I look at my tragic collection. A lot of the reason why I haven't been purchasing new kicks is because I'm very uninspired by the true trends recently and I have yet to find the right shoe at the right price point. However, I have been eyeing a couple different pairs that are monochrome and in really bright colors like the ones in the collage as well as bright red Adidas. Imagine my whole outfit being the same color or even bright shoes with an all black outfit????? I have chills.

6. Jumpsuits
If all goes well, you guys should be getting a jumpsuit DIY in the very near future because I'm massively inspired and I have a shit ton of thrifted denim fabric. Jumpsuits are truly effortless and perfect, and an especially trend silhouette are the ones with culotte trousers. Honestly, I feel as though every cool, artsy late 20s/early 30s hip chick has at least three  jumpsuits in her closet -- if not more -- and I'm turning 22 next week so I better start my collection, right?

7. Mustard Yellow
So pictured above in the yellow sweater is Mick Jenkins who is an amazing and super conscious but not in a pedantic and pretentious way. He is the embodiment of "woke but chill" so listen to some of his shit here. You're welcome. Anyway, I'm really into the idea of men wearing mustard yellow, especially someone with a complexion like mine or Mick Jenkins -- that color was MADE for us. My previous statement is so the opposite of what I used to believe, like I used to not wear colors like yellow because I didn't like the way it looked with skin tone but that was 100% in my head and stupid. The idea that you can't wear certain colors because of your skin tone is a myth; wear whatever the hell you want!

 I'm really passionate about this color if you couldn't tell.

8. Graphic Tees
I have a love/hate relationship with graphic tees if I'm being honest. I never was a fan of wearing band tees and that goes for bands I actually liked. Nothing made me gag more than that fashion moment we had where it was quirky and cool to wear band tees with skaters skirts and oxford shoes/converse -- PUKE. A trend in the graphic tee style that has really piqued my interest is embroidery and small graphics actually depicting works of art. I'm starting to see these things pop up in marketplaces like Etsy and StoreEnvy as well as fast fashion stores like Zara/Forever 21 and that's a movement I can get behind.

Following small shops and creatives on Instagram have renewed my faith in fashion. So I pose this question to all of you: what would be on your mood-board for this month/season?


Thrifted | Back to my Roots

It wasn't until the end of my senior year of college, that I've realized I've been dressing all wrong. When I say that I've been through many a fashion phase since deciding one day to actually care about how I dressed, I am not exaggerating. For the most part, I can say that they have followed social media and fashion trends, so as the fad eventually died, I was always left with a wardrobe full of shit I hated. This happened again, as I was packing up my house and preparing to leave Armpittsville, IN, it hit me that I could literally leave just about every article of clothing at the house to be thrown out and I wouldn't actually care. The trouble was that I actually needed more than five articles to wear and I was a poor college student am a poor college graduate so I really don't have the money to buy a new wardrobe.

It didn't help that I made the decision to stop buying fast fashion for both environmental/human rights reasons, so creating this "perfect" wardrobe was not only unattainable because of the expense but also due to ease of access to cool pieces. Finally, I decided to return to my fashion roots as a jobless high schooler and start back up thrifting again; but instead of purchasing throwaway grandma sweaters and ill-fitting jeans, I will actually be building a collection. So this marks the end of the long-winded introduction to my "thrifted" series where I document pieces I've found.

What makes these recent pieces I thrifted so remarkable, is my branching out from the outrageously neutral colorway of my current wardrobe into something a little more Solange-inspired. I may live in the Midwest, but that doesn't mean that I can't dress like I'm soaking up the sun in New Orleans, Miami, or really anywhere colorful and tropical, right?



Though I've been moving away from being trend-focused in my style of dress to something a little less contrived, I must admit that the off-the-shoulder trend has really got me excited. Finding these two tops at Goodwill that could be worn off the shoulder this summer and fall was a major key. Not to mention, the mustard yellow top is giving me Beyonce from 'Hold Up' vibes -- which is everything I aspire to be, honestly.


Okay I get that it's summer but I am beyond obsessed with trousers, even more specifically colored trousers. Like can we talk about me finding matching colored tops for the perfect monochrome look? Do you see me sitting at some fufu restaurant eating macaroons with a color-coordinated pashmina draped over my shoulders? I promise I will get someone to snap photos of me in these outfits when it comes to fruition, I promise. I've actually worn the burnt orange trousers to my great aunt and uncle's anniversary and it felt more right than anything has ever felt tbh. And I actually picked the burnt orange trousers up at a goodwill outlet from a bin, and I wasn't even able to try it on -- like I probably paid a nickel for this beautiful piece! I'm obsessed!

How I style these pieces will come soon. 

So my question to you guys is: do you guys thrift? If so, what's the coolest thing you've found?



How to Beat Creative Block

Due to a number of variables, the last couple of months since graduating college, I've been in the biggest creative rut of my life. To continually pull myself out of the rut, I've been reaching for these 5 things to keep me from totally caving into a creative-less state of existence. They are as follows:

1. Podcasts

On a trip to Pittsburgh, PA for an interview a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the podcast app on my iPhone and have since been hooked. What started off as me binge-listening to episodes of "Two Dope Queens," led me to an even deeper hole of "This American Life," "Comedy Bang Bang" and even a podcast about horror stories. Though each of these podcasts have had some sort of effect on my mood, the podcast that has stood out as an inspiration is the "Girl Boss" podcast created and by Sophie Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. In each episode, she interviews a woman who has created her own company or is a CEO of an existing company and is basically making "boss bitch" moves. I haven't listened to every episode yet, but each one make me even more inspired to be a girl boss than the last. Admittedly, I have yet to read her book under the same title but I just might have to pick it up. Hearing about other women doing great things puts me in a powerful mood and reminds me that this isn't a competition. Listen while you drive, clean or even before you go to sleep to get inspired.

Other Recommendations: Two Dope Queens, Comedy Bang Bang, Serial, This American Life

2. Reading

I love books but if I'm being honest, I've been bad about reading throughout my college years. In my defense, it's hard to read for leisure when you've already spent hours writing essays and taking notes from a textbook. Since graduating, though, I've slowly been getting back on track. So far, I've only completed one book called Everything Matters by Ronnie Currie Jr. and I've started Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. My tastes aside, reading books, magazines, blogs and articles not only keep you informed (potentially) but allow you to witness creative editorials and inspiring stories about other creators. Which is awesome.

Recommendations for online mags: Dazed Digital, Oyster Mag, Kastor and Pollux, I-D by Vice

3. Youtube/Instagram

Since you will probably be scrolling through Instagram or checking up on your subscriptions on Youtube anyway; I wanted to include this as a key way to get inspiration. If you find yourself constantly depressed or feeling FOMO when on social media, then this step honestly might not be for you. But if you take a step back, you should realize that it has less to do the with the medium and more about the people you follow. Start following people in your dream profession that aren't pompous af. It's a feat in of itself to find people who have the "perfect life" who are humble, but when you find those people it's dope and you will probably be all in your feelings constantly. Get ready.

Youtube Recommendations: HeyClaire, That's Chic, The Fashion Citizen, Casey Neistat, StyleLikeU
Instagram Recommendations: @saintrecords, @fiiloe_vera, @saintheron, @thegreylayers, @thecreatorclass

4. Plan it.

There isn't much to add to this other than the fact that this actually works. Take head that I'm naturally a fan of planning and even if I do nothing all day, I melt at the sight of a well planned agenda. Don't just write it out and hide it, put it in front of your face. Decorate you agenda. Use color and stickers. The more visually appealing it is, the more you will probably look at it and it will remind you that you have shit to be doing. Planners aren't just for school, plan you creative projects -- and if you're an anti-social freak like me -- plan when your going to text people to hang out. Hold yourself accountable for your success.

5. Self-Care

The last but the most important step in achieving anything is for you to take a step back and show yourself some love. What exactly that entails can differ from person to person, but looking in the mirror and feeling confident and beautiful is a major key. It's easier to do shit when your feeling yourself. My particular brand of self-care includes me watching some tv shows I enjoy (limit yourself!), washing my hair, doing a face mask, and exercising. If that means taking a good nap after work for you, then do it! Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable so it's easier for the creative juices to start flowing.

That's all I've got. If none of that works for you then you're hopeless (just kidding).

What do you guys do to combat creative block?


What is CNDC?

For those who do not know me personally, my name is Candace. And before you are completely confused by the title of this blog, "itscndc," it's a nod to my past username phase from high school while also incorporating my future brand. CNDC (pronounced not as my name but as C-N-D-C) as it stands right now is a recycle denim accessory line. The thing that is most important to me in pursuing a career in this industry is to continue to be conscious. Being conscious not only includes being environmentally sustainable, but also making sure the rights of humans are upheld (even though it's just me at this point, haha). For me though, human rights does not solely mean not supporting the sweatshop supply chain, but also being conscious of marketing and branding so as to be as inclusive as possible.

CNDC is a brand that is supportive of women first. I hope to feature queer women, women of color, and plus-size women as much as possible because they are often forgotten. As a black woman with a black-owned business, I will never sacrifice ethics for PR. These ethics are the foundation of CNDC, these features of the brand will remain stagnant. That being said, the brand itself will grow and change as I do. The product I sell now will not be the same product I sell in the future in my pursuit to stay current. CNDC is a journey. "ITSCNDC" is my documentation of that journey.

For me, this is a constant reminder to move and create. I hope to not only inspire myself, but to inspire others. That's what "CNDC" is.

Not to mention, you can shop the chokers above here!