How to Beat Creative Block

Due to a number of variables, the last couple of months since graduating college, I've been in the biggest creative rut of my life. To continually pull myself out of the rut, I've been reaching for these 5 things to keep me from totally caving into a creative-less state of existence. They are as follows:

1. Podcasts

On a trip to Pittsburgh, PA for an interview a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the podcast app on my iPhone and have since been hooked. What started off as me binge-listening to episodes of "Two Dope Queens," led me to an even deeper hole of "This American Life," "Comedy Bang Bang" and even a podcast about horror stories. Though each of these podcasts have had some sort of effect on my mood, the podcast that has stood out as an inspiration is the "Girl Boss" podcast created and by Sophie Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. In each episode, she interviews a woman who has created her own company or is a CEO of an existing company and is basically making "boss bitch" moves. I haven't listened to every episode yet, but each one make me even more inspired to be a girl boss than the last. Admittedly, I have yet to read her book under the same title but I just might have to pick it up. Hearing about other women doing great things puts me in a powerful mood and reminds me that this isn't a competition. Listen while you drive, clean or even before you go to sleep to get inspired.

Other Recommendations: Two Dope Queens, Comedy Bang Bang, Serial, This American Life

2. Reading

I love books but if I'm being honest, I've been bad about reading throughout my college years. In my defense, it's hard to read for leisure when you've already spent hours writing essays and taking notes from a textbook. Since graduating, though, I've slowly been getting back on track. So far, I've only completed one book called Everything Matters by Ronnie Currie Jr. and I've started Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. My tastes aside, reading books, magazines, blogs and articles not only keep you informed (potentially) but allow you to witness creative editorials and inspiring stories about other creators. Which is awesome.

Recommendations for online mags: Dazed Digital, Oyster Mag, Kastor and Pollux, I-D by Vice

3. Youtube/Instagram

Since you will probably be scrolling through Instagram or checking up on your subscriptions on Youtube anyway; I wanted to include this as a key way to get inspiration. If you find yourself constantly depressed or feeling FOMO when on social media, then this step honestly might not be for you. But if you take a step back, you should realize that it has less to do the with the medium and more about the people you follow. Start following people in your dream profession that aren't pompous af. It's a feat in of itself to find people who have the "perfect life" who are humble, but when you find those people it's dope and you will probably be all in your feelings constantly. Get ready.

Youtube Recommendations: HeyClaire, That's Chic, The Fashion Citizen, Casey Neistat, StyleLikeU
Instagram Recommendations: @saintrecords, @fiiloe_vera, @saintheron, @thegreylayers, @thecreatorclass

4. Plan it.

There isn't much to add to this other than the fact that this actually works. Take head that I'm naturally a fan of planning and even if I do nothing all day, I melt at the sight of a well planned agenda. Don't just write it out and hide it, put it in front of your face. Decorate you agenda. Use color and stickers. The more visually appealing it is, the more you will probably look at it and it will remind you that you have shit to be doing. Planners aren't just for school, plan you creative projects -- and if you're an anti-social freak like me -- plan when your going to text people to hang out. Hold yourself accountable for your success.

5. Self-Care

The last but the most important step in achieving anything is for you to take a step back and show yourself some love. What exactly that entails can differ from person to person, but looking in the mirror and feeling confident and beautiful is a major key. It's easier to do shit when your feeling yourself. My particular brand of self-care includes me watching some tv shows I enjoy (limit yourself!), washing my hair, doing a face mask, and exercising. If that means taking a good nap after work for you, then do it! Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable so it's easier for the creative juices to start flowing.

That's all I've got. If none of that works for you then you're hopeless (just kidding).

What do you guys do to combat creative block?

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  1. You're awesome for this post. I plan to read it again tonight to help me readjust some things! When I have creative block I just try to Do something, anything. Especially with art, when I don't know what to draw I just begin to paint using a color that "moves" me and go at it. All of this is so great!