Thrifted | Back to my Roots

It wasn't until the end of my senior year of college, that I've realized I've been dressing all wrong. When I say that I've been through many a fashion phase since deciding one day to actually care about how I dressed, I am not exaggerating. For the most part, I can say that they have followed social media and fashion trends, so as the fad eventually died, I was always left with a wardrobe full of shit I hated. This happened again, as I was packing up my house and preparing to leave Armpittsville, IN, it hit me that I could literally leave just about every article of clothing at the house to be thrown out and I wouldn't actually care. The trouble was that I actually needed more than five articles to wear and I was a poor college student am a poor college graduate so I really don't have the money to buy a new wardrobe.

It didn't help that I made the decision to stop buying fast fashion for both environmental/human rights reasons, so creating this "perfect" wardrobe was not only unattainable because of the expense but also due to ease of access to cool pieces. Finally, I decided to return to my fashion roots as a jobless high schooler and start back up thrifting again; but instead of purchasing throwaway grandma sweaters and ill-fitting jeans, I will actually be building a collection. So this marks the end of the long-winded introduction to my "thrifted" series where I document pieces I've found.

What makes these recent pieces I thrifted so remarkable, is my branching out from the outrageously neutral colorway of my current wardrobe into something a little more Solange-inspired. I may live in the Midwest, but that doesn't mean that I can't dress like I'm soaking up the sun in New Orleans, Miami, or really anywhere colorful and tropical, right?



Though I've been moving away from being trend-focused in my style of dress to something a little less contrived, I must admit that the off-the-shoulder trend has really got me excited. Finding these two tops at Goodwill that could be worn off the shoulder this summer and fall was a major key. Not to mention, the mustard yellow top is giving me Beyonce from 'Hold Up' vibes -- which is everything I aspire to be, honestly.


Okay I get that it's summer but I am beyond obsessed with trousers, even more specifically colored trousers. Like can we talk about me finding matching colored tops for the perfect monochrome look? Do you see me sitting at some fufu restaurant eating macaroons with a color-coordinated pashmina draped over my shoulders? I promise I will get someone to snap photos of me in these outfits when it comes to fruition, I promise. I've actually worn the burnt orange trousers to my great aunt and uncle's anniversary and it felt more right than anything has ever felt tbh. And I actually picked the burnt orange trousers up at a goodwill outlet from a bin, and I wasn't even able to try it on -- like I probably paid a nickel for this beautiful piece! I'm obsessed!

How I style these pieces will come soon. 

So my question to you guys is: do you guys thrift? If so, what's the coolest thing you've found?



  1. I was just thinking about this today. I mean, I think about this most days--I've slowly been giving up my fast fashion ways because of environmental and human rights reasons as well. Recently with the Zara/Tuesday Bassen scandal I have decided not to shop at Zara which is kind of a big deal for me. I am seriously broke right now and it's definitely hard to maintain a "fashion" blog with no money to spend on clothes (and honestly since I just graduated from a very rigorous year of school, I haven't really cared about clothes too much). But I am wanting to get back to the reasons I love fashion--individuality and creation. I do still thrift but I have found that my favorite things to wear are things that I've made. I'm not an excellent seamstress but I manage well enough and I am hoping to build a blog off of pieces that only I have. I think it's important to my individuality as well as in reducing my footprint etc etc.

    Anyways I'm excited to see where your blog goes and all the things you find in the world of thrifting :)